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Truck and commercial vehicle collisions frequently cause catastrophic injuries to the drivers and passengers involved in the crash. Those who are injured victims need an experienced lawyer to stand by their side and help weave through the legal complications that often stand in the way of filing an injury claim.

I am Redwood City truck accident lawyer Joseph Zoucha, and I have more than 35 years of legal experience advocating for injured victims in California. I take an aggressive approach to representing my clients because I recognize the physical and emotional challenges they are facing. When you are hurt, I am here to help with all aspects of your personal injury claim.

Causes Of Commercial Vehicle, Semi Crashes And 18-Wheeler Accidents

Accidents can be caused by everything from negligent drivers or maintenance neglect to terrible road conditions. Drivers are often overworked and forced to be on the road longer than their allotted hours because of company pressures, and when drivers are fatigued they are more likely to lose attention and cause an accident. Other causes of accidents can include brake failure, tire bursts, engine failure and more.

When I represent my clients I work to get the very best possible outcome. I fight so that you get the full amount of benefits and compensation that you deserve and need to help you get onto a smooth recovery path. I am a highly experienced personal injury litigator. With a strong track record and trial experience, I use my skills and resources to best represent my clients.

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