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There is no question that each situation and family dynamic is unique. It’s worth noting that in many marriages, particularly in and around the Bay Area, the primary custodial parent wishes to co-parent with the other parent so as to maintain an independent life and pursue career opportunities. Having the other parent participate in co-parenting frees the custodial parent to live a fuller life.

While support and custody issues are different, the laws consider many of the same factors:

Child and Spousal Support

California uses a computer program that calculates temporary spousal support. To calculate permanent support, the court uses a variety of factors, including the needs of supported spouse, standard of living, jobs held and education.

Child support uses the same computer program with the primary factors being the income of both parents and the amount of time each parent spends with the children during the course of a month.


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Because I have worked extensively on these issues in more than three decades of work as a lawyer, I am able help you and your loved ones address all issues related to custody and support, including move-aways, enforcement and modifications.

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