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Each area of family law presents its own unique challenges. Every family has its own dynamics and regardless of the circumstances of your unique situation I am here to help you transition to the next phase of life in the best possible way.

Although every family has its own dynamics, there are certain basic issues it wants addressed if it needs a family law attorney. Everyone wants his or her life to be stable, to be able to take care of his or her family. My goal is to make sure that you can take care of those needs and your family.

Family Law Services

Experienced California Divorce And Family Lawyer

As an experienced Redwood City family law attorney, I handle cases involving:

Child Custody

When children are involved in a divorce, they also need support. Every parent wants to ensure that[...]

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Child Support and Spousal Support

There is no question that each situation and family dynamic is unique. It’s worth noting that in[...]

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The divorce process is not always an easy one. With guidance and support from an experienced lawyer,[...]

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Domestic Violence

When someone pursues civil legal action for domestic violence and tries to set up a restraining order[...]

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Fathers’ Rights

Parents who are not married face unique challenges when it comes to custody and parenting time. Fathers[...]

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Property Division

When it comes to divorce and dissolution of domestic partnership, the big question that comes up almost[...]

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The thought of your child moving or the need to uproot your family and move can be[...]

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Uncontested Divorce

The divorce process is not always an easy one. With guidance and support from an experienced lawyer,[...]

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In addition, I am experienced at handling domestic partnership and same-sex divorce, as well as guardianships, adoptions and more.

A Trial Lawyer On Your Side

A small number of cases ever go to an actual trial. The best way to avoid having to go to trial is to have a highly experienced trial lawyer represent you. It is the experienced trial lawyer who knows what needs to be done to avoid trial.

Though I have extensive trial experience, I put my clients’ interests first. If we can efficiently arrive at an ideal resolution in a divorce agreement settlement, that is the goal to which I am committed.

Partnering With Clients

Because I partner one-on-one with clients, I am able to gather and file all information myself — a practice that has proved invaluable since I began working as a lawyer. Whenever I go to trial, there’s never a surprise because I know every case and detail backward and forward. This is critical in litigation and is deeply appreciated by judges and other members of the legal community, helping me to quickly get through cases.

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I do not charge for initial consultations and am happy to schedule meetings at a time that is convenient for you. I can be reached by phone at 650-261-9600 or online through email.