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Redwood City Divorce Attorney

When it comes to divorce and dissolution of domestic partnership, the big question that comes up almost immediately is, “What rights do I have concerning our property?”

In family law matters, California is a community property state. I can determine which assets belong in the “marriage pot” and which are separate property of each spouse such as inheritances and possessions owned prior to marriage. Once all assets are accounted for (including hidden sources of income), we can negotiate a fair property settlement and whether spousal support (alimony) applies.

Separate property is defined as what one spouse owns by himself or herself and in which the other spouse holds no ownership interest. This can include inheritances or property owned prior to marriage.

Community property is defined as property acquired during marriage and earnings from personal services during marriage.

Disclosures in each of these are critical and mandated by law. Regardless of the issues involved, I am committed to helping you arrive at an ideal resolution in these issues.

San Mateo County Property Division Lawyer

As an attorney I can bring my three decades of experience in family law issues to help you distribute property, including:

  • Retirement accounts
  • Pensions
  • Business ownership
  • Savings accounts
  • Stock acquired through employment during marriage

Because I have represented clients who have worked at some of the most successful businesses in Silicon Valley, there is no issue too complex. I have helped hundreds of families arrive at ideal resolutions in property distribution, and I am here to help you do the same.

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